Registration can take place at any time during the school year either at our head office, during our office hours, or at our school location on Saturdays, when classes are being held.




2018 2019 Programmed Courses:

English, French, Math (JK to G.12),  Physics, Biology, Chemistry(G.11, 12), Science, Art, Computer,
Cantonese & Putonghua Language/Putonghua Conversation.


New School Year :  Sept.  15,  2018  till  June 8, 2019


Math 10 / 11 / 12  : 1st Semester from Sept. 8, 2019  till  Jan. 19, 2019.
                            2nd Semester from Jan. 26, 2019 till June 8, 2019.


Physics, Biology, Chemistry  : 1st Semester from Sept. 15, 2018  till  Jan. 26, 2019.
                                           2nd Semester from Feb 2, 2019 till June 15, 2019.


  Please obtain these information and Registration Forms from the office.

Tutorial Classes (Other than the regular Saturday Programs)

After School or Saturday (private or small group) Tutorial Classes   (Registration open !)

Objective :

To help your child succeed in school by building study skills, work altitude, confidence, and the know how to get better results on the homeworks for the day school subjects.


Flexible schedule and tutoring plans are divided into one or two hours of instruction delivered several times a week depending on your child's learning need.

Location :

3030 Midland Ave. Unit 5, Marilake School Head Office OR school locations on Saturdays.

Time :

From Tuesday to Friday, between 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm ; OR Saturdays, between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

(one to two hour time slot to be determined by parent and the school.)

Enquiry :

please call 416-292-1515

除常規星期六課程外,本校亦設有課餘 ( 個人或小組方式 ) 補習班    現正招生






3030 Midland Ave. Unit 5,  瑪莉諾學校校務處或星期六上課的校舍





請致電校務處  416-292-1515

Assessment Tests

To determine the correct course levels for students, students and parents are encouraged to review our course descriptions and students can complete assessment tests.  Assessment tests are administered free of charge and are available at our head office, during office hours, or at our two school locations on Saturdays, when classes are being held.


Prepayment of a course's full year's tuition fee is required upon registration.  Tuition fees are different for each course.  Please see page 2 of the appropriate course registration form (see below) for the tuition fee. 

Payments are to be made in CASH or by CHEQUE.  For payments by cheques, please note that a $30 fee is charged for each bounced, non-sufficient funds cheque.

Cheques are to be made payable to "Marilake Heritage Language School" for Chinese courses and "Marilake Education Centre" for other courses.

Marilake Education Centre