Saturday Program -- General Information

How the Courses Are Run

Marilake Education Centre has prided itself on providing affordable enrichment classes in Chinese, English, French, Mathematics, Science, and Art. 

Our classes take place on Saturdays from September to June at Agincourt Collegiate Institute.  All courses are full year courses, except senior level (Grades 10, 11 and 12) Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry courses (which are semester courses),.  Holidays are incorporated into the school calendar whenever appropriate.  For full year courses, there is a total of 31 school days in the complete school year.  Four of these are designated as review classes and four are for administering tests/exams to monitor students are learning what they have been taught.  Chinese language classes are two hours each and classes for other full year courses are one hour each.  Classes are offered at various times throughout the day so that students can attend class times to fit into their schedule.

Our semester courses in senior level Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are intensive and compressed and run for one half of the school year (16 teaching days ).  Classes for these courses are 90 minutes each.  These courses prepare students for university entrance and success.  In particular, our Grade 12 Advanced Calculus course is for students who plan to take the AP (Advanced Placement) exam or who want to learn more to prepare for university. (see senior level courses registration forms for full description of duration, fee, and time)


Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are affordable and include course materials and notes.  Payment of the full year or semester is required at time of registration.


Curricula, Teaching Resources, and Homework

Our Chinese courses use textbooks and workbooks.  These courses prepare students to study Grades 9 to 12 credit courses in Mandarin and Cantonese in high school.

In the other courses, the curricula are reviewed by all course instructors to ensure the material covered is at or above the Ontario curricula.  Notes and homework exercises are revised and updated every year.

With the exception of Creative Writing courses, homework is assigned every week to ensure students have the opportunities to apply what they have learned in class.  In Creative Writing courses, larger writing assignments and projects are assigned every few weeks to ensure students have enough time completing the assignments.


Other Services

Our services go beyond the classroom.  Our head office is open from Tuesday to Friday every week so that parents can hand in and pick up homework for students who miss classes.  Our instructors call parents whenever their students fail to hand in homework on time and/or fail to attend classes so that parents can be rest assured that their children are doing their homework and attending classes.  For some intermediate and senior level courses, some instructors set up course web sites to ensure students can obtain solutions to homework returned and to seek help from the instructors during weekdays.

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