Recent School Notices


  Peanut-Free School      禁帶含花生/果仁成份食品回校 :

Peanut and tree nut allergies can be life-threatening, Marilake Education Centre declares that the entire school campus is designed to be peanut/nut-free all through the entire school year.
Look for the word "peanuts" or a particular type of tree nut in the list of ingredients, or following the word "contains" on a food label. Food package notices to the effect of "made in a nut-free facility" indicate safe snacks.  

No Parking at Fire Route


 Please do not park 

the cars at the fire route



Volunteers 義工招募

Grade 10 and up students or parents are welcomed to be an assistant in the school on Saturday or at the office during the weekdays.  A minimum of 40 hours is needed for High School Diploma.  

Emergency and New School Notice  

will be posted on school web page


The most recent  school notices or any emergency notices about any interruption of classes (e.g. inclement weather) will be posted on our school web site  for your information.